Artemis Fowl

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Someone requested Artemis Fowl, so here it is, though it's only the first four books. I'll update it as soon as I get the others. Artemis is a child protege; a young criminal mastermind who's striving to regain his family's fortune through a number of schemes, involving the fairies.
An interesting read, set in our own world, with a healthy balance of dark and humour.



Anonymous said...

thanks for this :)

Anonymous said...

thnx a lot!!!!

cheeky-angel004 said...

Thank you very much! I've been wanting to read it but I really can't find it in any libraries near my place. (I live in Japan.) ^^;

Anonymous said...

thx so much!
i live in japan too and i only have 1 libarary by me, the rest are about 30min-2hr drive.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! i'm thrying to find the Atlantis complex of Artemis fowl, but this is awesome tooo! thx Eoin Colfer!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this free, like to download??

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