Howl's Moving Castle

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This one's an old one from Diana Wynne Jones, about a girl, Sophie Hatter, who is cursed into an old woman and tries to break the spell. A good bed-time story.


Howl's Moving Castle


smitten.lil.kitten said...

hey, they have sequels to this book, i think two so far. do u have them? I've been looking for them everytwhere, and i couldn't find them..

Anonymous said...

On Scribd, you have a list of books that you link back to this blog. There are dozens and dozens of books listed as being here?
I can only find a handful.

Scribbles said...

for anonymous (and anyone else in this matter),,
Yes I realize that, but i hope u can understand that it does take time before i can get everything uploaded, n there *are* loads and loads of books i listed on Scribd, and the blog is still relatively new. maybe u could tell me what books u were looking for so i can also sort out which ones to get prioritized?

Anonymous said...

heyy, take your time we can understand that. and thanks for your efforts. ive seen the movie and i've been looking everywhere for this book :D

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