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So I've decided to make a blog to unleash a little of my frustration toward the book industry. Don't get me wrong, now. I love books. All sorts of books. From comic books to Psychology books - like most people, it depends on my mood, really. What really annoys me, though is how difficult it can be just finding -the- book you're looking for. Especially if you're living in a land far, far away, and the books that do get imported are either (1) irrelevant, (2) absolutely ridiculously expensive, or (3) both.
The libraries, in my case, provide nothing that I'm looking for, and if I do find something, it's a real shoddy photocopied version of the original (talk about illegal) and to make things better, you have to return it the -very-next-day-.

Once upon a time, when I happened to live in a land not so far-far away, I stumbled into a bibliotheque and saw a book there which I wanted to read. I never had the chance, though. It's a little sad, I know (I'm trying to refrain from using the "P" word), but it -seriously- haunted me in my dreams for years to follow. There the book would be, just waiting to be read. All I had to do was reach forward and open the first few pages. But of course, as dreams tend to, something always comes up, and I never even saw past the front cover.

So you can imagine how relieved I was when I was browsing through the internet --which thankfully is available in this God-forsaken land-- and found an electronic version of it. Needless to say, I downloaded it, read it through, and have never been troubled by those dreams ever since.

Yes, I suppose it iiiiiis not correct from a lawful perspective. However, the author didn't lose anything. I wouldn't have bought the book anyway, since it was not available to me.

But it doesn't end there.

So I finished the book. Downloaded the rest of the trilogy. And only after I finished through the set, I saw the hard-copy in a second-hand bookstore. I swear it was not there before. But I liked the book so much, that I bought it anyway.
Hence my concept: read the electronic version if I can't find the "real" one. If I like it and happen to find a "real" copy afterwards, I buy it.
But just to ease a little off my conscience, I think it'd do the world some good to share. Just in case others happen to be facing the same difficulties as me.


hiyokonojinsei said...

I so agree with you! *-*

I'm gonna try and get every book you've so kindly uploded. They all sound so good! :D

It's a pleasure to have found your blog.

Thanks for sharing!

malkier said...

Hi there !
I'm a really passionate reader of fantasy books. Unfortunately, fantasy books are often expensive, scarce, not importated in my country and worse, next-to-never translated !
So I had to learn english to read them and now, I fall upon this wonderful blog of yours.

I only have one thing to say : Keep it on and congratulations !

Namtia said...

Thank you for your work, it gives me lots of joy. In my country the great series never get translated or it is almost ridiculously expensive to import a book or whole serie from other countries. So I want to say thank you for the opportunity to read these wonderfull books.
I recognized myself when I read "...But I liked the book so much, that I bought it anyway..." I have done that too many times so far.

Keep it up, you have fan here ;)

Anonymous said...

Imagine my surprise upon discovering your blog...total shock and awe. I lve in "faraway land" where almost no books reach...thank you for the lovely opportunity.....

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