Sword of Truth

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There are eleven books to the series - twelve if you count the accompanying novella, Debt of Bones - each following a time-line, although was originally meant to be stand-alone novels, except for the last three, which were supposed to be a trilogy. The story follows Kahlan, Richard, and Zeddicus as they strive to rid the world of an evil tyrant who, surprise, surprise, wants to take over the world.


0. Debt of Bones
I. Wizard's First Rule
II. Stone of Tear
III. Blood of the Fold
IV. Temple of the Winds
V. Soul of the Fire
VI. Faith of the Fallen
VII. Pillars of Creation
VIII. Naked Empire
IX. Chainfire
X. Phantom
XI. Confessor


Mary Kristine said...

Cheers! Love this saga...

Anonymous said...

Omg! You are wonderful :D

Ganoclick said...

deleted 0. Debt of Bones file.

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Wizard's First Rule is deleted.

Great read, and thanks!

Anonymous said...

pleeeease post the Wizard's First Rule and tell us where....

Scribbles said...

Re-uploaded Wizard's First Rule

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