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Just so you know, I'm not dead or anything ... I realize I've been gone for a long time, but I'm finally back after a (for me) disappointing Champions finals and an extended holiday to cool off my head. But I'm home now, but the next few months are expected to be extremely engaging, so I doubt I'd be able to post much. But here are a few things to keep you occupied for the time ...

Plus here's a list of websites some people have told me of that provide e-books:

always has a selection of e-books, though none of the copywritten materials unless you're lucky.

there's a variety of readables there; the latter has materials ranging from encyclopaedias to graphic comics.

contains legal copies of almost any classic literature you could ask for; some of them also provided in languages other than English.

another blog, with a bunch of science fiction and fantasy novels.

This one I think is in Spanish, hence Spanish e-books. I posted it anyway just in case some of your DO read a language other than English.


surasit said...

Hi Scribbles,
How r u doing???
Hope u r ok.

I hope u won't be busy too much in the next few months u mentioned. Just u can post these ebooks, it shows that u r really kind to us.
But if u're free, pls say Hi sometimes.
We r here and looking forward to hearing ur news.
Really miss u......
Ken, Thailand

Scribbles said...

Hi there...
thanks for the nice comment; I'm doing fine, but am currently *very* busy at the moment so I won't be able to post anything for a long while. I'm very sorry, but everyone will have to be patient for a while ^_^

Elizabeth said...

Hi!! Wow, i was looking for pages for download free e-books and.. i see my page :OO

(I'm Elizabeth, Purple Rose's admin)

Thanks for put my page here ^^
And.. sorry for my english xDD

amala6209 said...

u can also go to freebookspot.com

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