Rachel Morgan (The Hollows)

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Rachel Morgan is a white witch and runner working for Inderland Security, in an alternate world where a bioengineered virus wiped out a great deal of the world's human population - exposing the existence of the supernatural communities that had long lived alongside humanity. For the last five years Rachel has been tracking down law-breaking Inderlanders in modern-day Cincinnati, but now she wants to leave and start her own agency. Her only problem is that no one quits the I.S. Marked for death, Rachel will have to fend off fairy assassins and homicidal weres armed with an assortment of nasty curses. She's a dead witch walking unless she can appease her former employers by exposing the city's most prominent citizen as a drug lord. But, making an enemy of the ambiguous Trent Kalamack is just as deadly as leaving the I.S.


Anonymous said...

are the last two books, Black Magic Sanction or Pale Demon out? if so can you please post them? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Book 7 isn't available.. its been pulled down!
But thank you soooooooooooooo much for the others!
appreciated! ^^

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