Damar Series

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Harry Crewe is an orphan girl who comes to live in Damar, the desert country shared by the Homelanders and the secretive, magical Hillfolk. Her life is quiet and ordinary-until the night she is kidnapped by Corlath, the Hillfolk King, who takes her deep into the desert. She does not know the Hillfolk language; she does not know why she has been chosen. But Corlath does. Harry is to be trained in the arts of war until she is a match for any of his men. Does she have the courage to accept her true fate?

The prequel, The Hero and the Crown, tells the story of Aerin, whose mother died of disappointment after giving birth to a daughter, rather than the heroic son the kingdom needed. But little did the young princess know, the long-dormant powers of her mother would pass to the daughter and wield their own destiny.


I. The Blue Sword
II. Prequel - The Hero and the Crown


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