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Christmas is coming in just over a week and the request list is getting longer and longer.

So we've found links to a number of the books you've all requested. Well the good news is, I thought I'd catch up and give you an early Christmas present. The bad news is I can't upload all of them just yet (I'd like to see you try!) and since I'm going to be posting a whole bunch of them, I'm afraid it's not going to be posted in the format we usually post our e-books, and we also haven't gotten around to checking them and seeing the quality for each of the books.

They'll hopefully be readable, though. Will be posting them soon. Pinky promise.


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Anonymous said...

looking forward to it. :)

i haven't made this request yet but i'm hoping you have suzanne collins's gregor the overlander series?

it's so hard to find a copy of that series, or maybe i just don't know where to look. regards, and happy holidays :)

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