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Still alive folks! Although some bad news, we're a bit busy... I've a dissertation to worry about, another's got a baby coming, third has a promotion at work, etc. etc. ...so the point is we won't be able to upload anything for a while.

Second bad piece of news (gets better) the 4shared account associated with some (most) of the files may be permanently deleted due to infringement of policies yaddayaddayaddah ... and if that happens, most of the download links will also go offline.
So just in case you haven't downloaded anything you're planning to, I suggest you do it before it shuts down.

P.S. Terribly sorry for events in Japan, although very happy for Egypt and hopes the best for Libya. Whoa, world's getting f***ed up.


Malkier said...


I hope things will work out for the team. And congrats for the baby. :)
Yeah, just as you say, the world's getting f***ed up, but as long as I have some dusty screen to stick my nose in I'm fine.

Anonymous said...

Aww, it's sad that the account might die and that you guys are so busy, but I'm glad it's mainly because of good things that you can't update as often, and not because of problems. :S

Anyways, I hope you can come back soon and that this site won't die! It's one of my best and only resources to get ebooks in English.

Thanks for your hard work and good luck to you all with life! :D

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